Add a group in Solaris.

To add a group use command groupadd


groupadd newgroup

How to restart sshd in Solaris.

To restart sshd, run command /lib/svc/method/sshd restart

Delete users and roles in Solaris.

To delete a user from Solaris, use commad userdel username. To remove user directory use parameter -r with userdel eg userdel -r user1. To delete a role use command roledel.

Get version of Solaris installed.

To get Solaris version installed on your macihne, run command uname -r. If you want more detail information then use command cat /etc/release.

Change password for user in Solaris.

Use command passwd username to change user password. Eg: passwd user1

Add a new User in Solaris.

To create a user in Solaris, create directory with the name of new usermkdir /export/home/newuser Now add the user useradd -s /usr/bin/bash -d /export/home/newuser newuser Change the ownership chown newuser:staff /export/home/newuser and finally change the password passwd newuser