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War of tablets.

posted Jul 12, 2012, 4:50 AM by Ashish Jain
This year has witness a blast arrival of tablets in CES 2011. The world has never seriously think about it before the launch of Apple iPad. Although iPad was not the first touch screen device, much before that Microsoft have provided touch screen support in windows Xp tablet edition and continuously worked on it. The change was in technology from point-and-click-centric machines to touch-centric devices. 
The best part of tablets is that it is place holder between the traditionally PC and smartphones. A solution to all. The people are loving it and manufactures are earning from it. 
Future: Will it be replacing the PCs or PDAs? They can be a threat to Netbooks or Amazon Kindle but i believe they are the class in themselves and will create their own space. 
By Ashish Jain on 10:38 PM 1/20/2011