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A glance at Windows 8

posted Jul 12, 2012, 4:57 AM by Ashish Jain
Last week Microsoft released Windows 8 at BUILD conference, below is the list of Windows 8 features:
Windows To Go :: You can now install Windows 8 on a USB device. An encrypted USB device will securely start their managed business desktop with access to corporate resources from any computer capable of running Windows 8, virtually anywhere. 
Enhanced support for multi monitor :: New options allow you to display the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other. Display different desktop backgrounds on each monitor or stretch your image across both. Microsoft confirmed There are also options to have duplicate or unique task bars on each monitor.
Secure Boot :: Measured boot Windows can further validate the boot process beyond Secured Boot. The startup processes are now signed, protected, and measured. They are then stored in the TPM chip to prevent rootkit or malware infection. 
Integrated load balancing :: If you have multiple active network connections, Windows 8 will intelligently balance the network traffic between them for performance. Stereo 3D video and gaming. 
Start background :: There will be the ability to change the Start background not possible in developer preview. 
Create Live ID in Windows OOBE :: Users without Live IDs will be able to create one at the Windows setup. 
New Internet Browser :: Internet Explorer 10. 
New file system :: Microsoft is introducing a new file system, Protogon. 
Support for USB 3.0. 
Microsoft Blue Screen of Death BSOD now includes a not so smiley face. 
Boot Manager gets the Metro treatment. 
Connectivity, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband improvements :: Windows 8 now treats a mobile broadband network as a metered connection, allowing Windows to automatically block further network connections and avoid costly data charges. Microsoft improved Wi-Fi support makes it easier for users to switch to hotspots as an alternative to mobile broadband connections. Microsoft has also improved its radio support in Windows 8. 
Metro style apps secure environment :: Metro style apps run in a secure environment on Windows 8. The apps user data is isolated to the individual application and user SmartScreen Filter. 
Microsoft SmartScreen filter technology :: is now integrated for files downloaded from the web. The technology, typically found in Internet Explorer, will prevent end users from launching known malware programs. The technology provides warnings before high-risk apps are allowed to run. 
Windows Defender :: Windows Defender monitors and protects against viruses and known malware in real time. 
DirectAccess improvements :: Windows 8 includes some improvements to DirectAccess. Windows 8 better supports existing infrastructure by supporting non-IPv6 server resources and simplified deployment for smaller organizations by not requiring Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). AppLocker :: AppLocker can be used to manage both desktop and Metro style apps.
BitLocker :: BitLocker includes improved performance benefits for Windows 8 users. Microsoft has built in the ribbon interface to the Windows Explorer. 
Support for ISO and VHD file formats :: Now you can directly mount ISO and VHD from Windows explorer. Improved Active Directory-based activation :: Windows 8 enables Windows activation based on user identities in Active Directory. The new feature does not require any additional infrastructure and lets Windows 8 systems be activated in an enterprise environment using Active Directory. 
Task Manager :: Microsoft has enhanced the Task Manager to make it the number one place to monitor and control your PC. Microsoft has color-coded system resources to show users what tasks are taking up the bulk of the system. There is also an App History tab that shows how applications have performed on a system. 
Client Hyper-V :: Windows 8 includes a client Hyper-V version, making it easy for businesses to take advantage of virtualization from the desktop client. Multiple operating system instances can run simultaneously on a Windows 8 computer as a result. 
Deployment improvements :: Microsoft has made several improvements to Windows 8 deployment methods. IT pros can also deploy multiple languages in a single image of Windows 8. 
Push-Button Reset :: There is a basic reset option which will allow users to restart fresh while keeping all of their documents, accounts, personal settings and Windows Store Apps. Windows 8 also includes a complete reset option which will restore the PC to an original state with a fresh operating system image. These are the few enhancements which i came across. Over all this seems to be a rocking OS of all times.
 All the best Windows 8. 
4:52 PM 9/20/2011